Storm Shelters

Our four designs of storm shelters are in the process of being officially NSSA approved in accordance to their standards of being wind tested and peer reviewed by structural engineers in order to make sure that our shelters either meet or exceed FEMA publications 320 and 361, as well as ICC 500. Our second round design began production on May 19th. A full description is coming.
Contractors call for pricing. We can deliver in bulk. 918-689-3951. Ask for Jeremy Foresee or Tom Foresee.

This link to FEMA’s website can answer any questions you might have regarding P-320 and 361 as well as what is ICC-500, or you can call our office and we would be pleased to answer any of your questions.

Most Popular Storm Shelter

Most Popular Storm Shelter - Foresee Ready Mix
Outside: 7′ Tall x 7′ in Diameter
Inside: 6’3″ Tall x 6′ in Diameter
Hole Size: 8′ Square x 58″ Deep, for the steps include a 5′ long x 3′ wide x 58″ deep section on the side on the hole the steps will be going.
Rated for 8-10 people
This is our primary shelter design and the most popular since the 1970’s. The shelter has concrete stairs and has a long steel door fitted over the stairs. It has two metal air vents. This design is poured as a single piece in order to help assure that it does not leak. The photo below shows how the shelter is designed to be installed into the ground. The mound of dirt around the shelter not only helps provide extra protection from debris, but also helps act as a visible marker for first responders to recognize that a shelter is there. Call for pricing.

Most Popular Storm Shelter - Foresee Ready MixHere is a pic of the one that we have had at our office location for over 35 years.

Our second most popular design

Second Most Popular Storm Shelter - Foresee Ready Mix
Outside: 7′ Tall x 8’6″ x 6’10″ Long
Inside: 6’2″ Tall x 7’10″ x 6’2″ Long
Hole Size: 9’2″ x 7’6″ Square x 6′ Deep
Rated for 8-10 people
This steel reinforced concrete design is a bolted together two piece that has sealer in-between the top and bottom as well as sealer on the outside to help ensure leaking does not occur. The shelter is fitted with a steel door and stairs. The door has a locking handle, and the stairs have a handrail to help assist occupants descend safely down the steps. There are two pipe vents for air that are designed to prevent water from entering the shelter. This shelter is recommended to be buried at least 6′ in the ground. Call for pricing.

Above Ground Shelter

Above Ground Shelter - Foresee Ready Mix
Outside: 75″‘ Tall x 9’6″ x 6’6″ Long
Inside: 6’5″ Tall x 8’5″ x 5’5″ Long
Rated for 8-12 people
One of our newest designs is an above ground shelter. This is a two piece design that when put together forms a shelter that you can walk into. It can also double as a safe room that can be installed as your house is being built. The shelter is welded together and sealer is used to help ensure that leaking does not happen. This shelter requires 2 yards of concrete to be poured as an anchoring base. A steel door will be fitted and welded to the shelter. Call for pricing.

Please call our office at 918-689-3951 for pricing and delivery of all our storm shelters.