Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks - Foresee Ready MixWe offer seven different types of septic tanks: (1) 500, (3) 1000, (1) 1250, and (2) 1500 gallon tanks. All of our tanks come with two customizable rubber seals that are installed during the pouring process which allow the installer to select a 2”, 3”, or 4” hole for whichever size pipe they are going to be using. The lids can be customized to have either 1 or more access holes. A standard lid comes with two square access holes. This is an example of a regular 1000 with a single access hole with a 20” green ring. Our green rings come in 12”, 20”, and 24” sizes. We do carry various forms and sizes of pipes, fittings, sealers, and other supplies. Please go to the contractors’ supplies page under materials to see a full listing of available supplies. Here is a link to the DEQ website for information on rules and regulations regarding septic systems.

500 Gallon

Due to the limited requests for a 500 gallon tank, we do not have any in stock at this time. If you are interested in one, please call us and we can have one ready in 2 business days. Also we do make them periodically just to have in stock throughout the summer months. The DEQ will not pass this tank because they do not pass anything less than a 1000 tank for residential use.

1000 Gallon

We manufacture three different styles of the 1000.





1250 Gallon

The 1250 gallon tank form is currently undergoing maintenance and a picture will become available after we begin producing them again.

1500 Gallon

The 1500 gallon tank is made to order. We offer either a round or square design. A picture will be uploaded during the summer when we often make one or two just to keep in stock, or if one is made prior to that.